Dessert… and just deserts.

My folks LOVE dessert wine.  They LOVE it.

I’m kind of like, “Eh… I can take it or leave it.”

For me, dessert wines are more of a special occasion drink.

Last night was the finale of The Bachelorette.

I’ve been sitting on some icewine that my folks gave us last year.

With my worlds colliding last night, it was time to have my just deserts… for dessert.

Jackson-Triggs 2007 Vidal Icewine from the Niagara Peninsula, Canada.

The Jackson-Triggs 2007 Vidal Icewine is produced when the Vidal grape freezes and the ice crystals are removed.  This leaves the grapes much more concentrated, and very sweet.  The grapes are picked very late in the harvest season, so the grapes’ sugar content is at 40.1 Brix.  As sweet as they are, the alcohol content is a very low 10.5%.

Here’s the breakdown…

Color: Gold.  Caramel.  Brown.

Nose: Apple cider.  Syrup.  Pear.

Taste: It is tough to describe this wine other than the fact that it is sweet.  It has a very viscous mouthfeel.  The fruit is straight up apple.  Apple covered in maple syrup.

Score: The Jackson-Triggs is what it is.  Icewine.  It’s dessert.  For the second blog in a row, this wine made me want some vanilla ice cream with it.  I think the creaminess could give a good balance to the straight up sweet flavor.  Think of it like apple pie a la mode.  This wine is good, but… In the end it is one-dimensional.  Give it an 86.


Back to The Bachelorette.


Here’s what happened…

Ashley really liked J.P…

Ashley and J.P. at lunch before the stuff went down.

But then Ashley’s older and foxier sister was all like, “I don’t think J.P. is right for you.”  So Ashley started crying and called her older sister the B word…

"You're a B word!"

Having caught wind of Ashley’s sister’s disapproval, Ben (the winemaker for Evolve Winery in Sonoma) thought he had it in the bag.  So he was all, “Will you marry me?”

"Will you like marry me... and stuff?"

But Ashley was all like, “No!  Get out of here!”

So Ben was all, “Fine!  Be that way!  You’re lame!”

Then Ashley cried some more.

Then J.P. was all, “Will you marry me, then?”

"How's about you marry me, then?"

And Ashley was all, “Let me see the ring first!”

So J.P. was all, “Check this rock out!”

That's pretty big, right?

So Ashley was all, “Heck yeah!  I ain’t no foo!”

But then Ashley’s sister was all, “I still don’t get what you see in him?”

So Ashley was all, “I picked J.P. to make you mad, you stupid B word!”

Looks like someone got their just deserts.

Stay Rad,



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