Wine… with a little help from my friends.


I’ve got a lot.

One of which is to ask you for ideas.

What do you think?

So, here’s the deal…

I’ve got 8 wines that I’ve been thinking about opening up.  What I need you to do is take a look, and leave a comment telling me which of the wines you would like me to taste for you.



A) Vina Zaco 2006 Tempranillo

B) Cocobon 2009 Red Wine

C) Chateau Du Seguinier 2005 Bordeaux

D) Chateau Ballan-Larquette 2006 Bordeaux

E) Franciscan 2007 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

F) Joseph Drouhin 2007 Pinot Noir

G) Mont Gras 2009 Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon - Syrah

H) Kendall-Jackson 2006 Syrah

So now it’s up to you.

Leave a comment, and let me know which wine you want me to taste.  If you think I should try something else, let me know.




I get wine with a little help from my friends.

Stay Rad,



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6 Responses to “Wine… with a little help from my friends.”

  1. dirtdonthurtmom Says:


    AND you should try the Chariot from trader Joe’s if you can find any. it’s my 4.99 guilty pleasure!

  2. Regis Chaigne Says:

    I always appreciate to get the opinion of consumers about Ch Ballan-Larquette Bordeaux Rouge.
    This wine is better with some aeration, I suggest to decant it.
    I hope you will enjoy it !
    Best regards,

  3. jeffisrad Says:

    It’s official, Regis. I now have my first comment from a wine maker.
    I think I’ll do Cocoban today and Ch Ballan-Larquette when I get back from Vegas.
    Thanks for reading.
    Stay Rad,

  4. Regis Chaigne Says:

    You are welcome Jeff, have good time in Vegas.
    Be careful to save some money for wine 😉
    I really love to interact with fellows bloggers :
    My skype account is rchaigne
    If you like PQR Bordeaux wines, I suggest you to follow @mwangbickler and @planetbordeaux, and apply for further twitter tastelive.
    I also curate a topic here :
    Suggestions of values Bordeaux wines (let’s say retailing up to $25 in US, €15 in Europe) for this topic are welcome.
    Bon dimanche !

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